NameOrganization name, set upon registration. Displayed to partner organizations, also on the public price offers and in the client portal, when reporting an issue
Registry codeBlank upon registration but it's mandatory to set when updating the organization settings for the first time
VAT codeDisplayed to partner organizations
VAT percentageWhenever a task or a price offer is added, this value is used as the default value for VAT percentage
EmailPublic email address that can be displayed on price offers or work records
Phone numberPublic phone number, that can be displayed on price offers or work records
AddressCompany's registration address or the address that you wish to dipslay publicly

Country and language

  • Timezone is set based on the country of operation setting.
Country of operationSaago has different integrations and automations available based on this setting
LanguagesChoose the languages that are available to users within your organization to choose from
Default languageSets the language for outbound emails that are sent to your clients. All of the public views that may be shared via URL default to this language (Viewer may change). Whenever a new team member is added, the language that they see by default


Min. task durationMinimum billable time, any 'total work time' less than is rounded up
Task time stepRounding step after 'total work time' has surpassed Min. task duration
Min. split durationWhen work order's expected end time falls out of the work day boundaries, then allow splitting the work between multiple work shifts only if both 'parts' form the minimal required duration set here
Min. duration to allow splitMinimum duration of the work order to allow splitting onto multiple work shifts. Eg. If set to 6 hours, then no work orders that have shorter expected duration than 6 hours will be split
Calculate travel distances in planner viewNB: Experimental feature! When activated accounts for travel distances when planning work. If no coordinates are known, then adds 30 minutes of travel time
Scheduled task priorityDefault task priority for tasks generated by service agreement automation
OverseerWhenever forwarding rules fail to resolve the assignee (missing settings or absence period), this user is set as assignee instead


Pricing moduleIf true, then pricing information is visible throughout Saago, When disabled, also disabled price offers and accounting modules
Publish price offer work planSetting to set default value on the price offer card upon price offer creation

PDF Templates

Default act templateDefault PDF template that is assosciated with the task, when adding a new task
Default aggregated act templateDefault PDF template, that is chosen in the PDF download screen for the aggregated act
Default maintenance log pdf templateDefault PDF template, that is chosen in the PDF download screen for the maintenance log
Default work log templateDefault PDF template, that is chosen in the PDF download screen for the work log


  • Every entity within Saago ecosystem has a automatically incrementing code.
  • Upon creating an entity, the organization 'slug' is concatenated with the next number in sequence to obtain the code. Eg. DEMO-1.

Payment details


  • One or multiple invoice accounts that may be added to price offers.
Account or bank nameAccount name or the name of the bank that you wish to display
Account number or IDAccount number of other identification code
SWIFTIf applicable may specify SWIFT code

Payment terms

  • May be added to public price offers or work records.
  • If overriden on 'company' level, this value is ignored.