Companies module should be viewed as a contact book for clients and contractors and other related parties.
Companies can be further classified by either type of 'COMPANY' or 'PERSON'.


A company / person may have different roles depending on the context of the situation, therefore the 'role' (Client, Contractor, Subsidiary) can not be defined on company level.

Adding a company or a person

NameName of the company as per company registry or custom
TypeClassifier of either 'COMPANY' or 'PERSON'
Registry codeRegistry code, may be used to match data with 3rd party services (Integrations). Not required for the 'PERSON' type
LocationCompany registry address
Tax countryISO-3166 country code
Vat numberVAT registry number
Billing emailEmail used for invoicing
Payment termsAdditional company specific payment terms that may be added to invoices
StatusIf 'active' then appears in the search results when linking to other entities such as task or price offer

Linked assets

List of properties where company is set as related 'client'. Read more

Linked tasks

List of tasks where company is set as related 'client'. Read more

Linked price offers

List of price offers where company is set as the 'client'.

Pricing per company

Check the following link to configure company specific pricing rules Read more