Price offer

Price offer



DraftPrice offer requires additional input
SentPrice offer has been marked as 'sent' to the client, client may accept or reject the offer
AcceptedClient has accepted the price offer, it's possible to schedule the work
RejectedClient has rejected the price offer, either requires changes or must be canceled
In progressPrice offer has assosciated tasks that are currently in progress
ClosedPrice offer has been closed, all the relevant tasks are done
CanceledPrice offer has been canceled and there are no 'active' tasks


NameName of the price offer, displayed to the client alongside the 'code'
AssigneePerson that is responsible for the next step in the price offer life-cycle. When assignee is changed, the new assignee is notified
Validity periodPeriod of the validity of the price quotation, client may not accept an expired price offer
VAT percentageVAT percentage that is applied to the total price
DescriptionOptionally provide more information about the offer
ClientChoose a company from companies list
LocationChoose an asset (Property, device, system) from assets list. Search field defaults to assets related to specified client, may be toggled to use the full search. Multiple assets may be added

Files (Internal)

  • All of the 'related' files are directly accessible via the price offer files component.
  • Files are organized into the folders based on relation type.
  • If there are multipe related items of the same type then files are grouped into a parent folder.
  • File tree supports navigation to explore the subfolders in depth.
  • File access is limited by user's permission and relations to other entities.


GeneralFiles and images attached to the price offer. NB: Not visible to client, only internal use files
TaskFiles or images that were uploaded while executing the tasks related to the price offer
PropertyFiles or images that are attached to the property. Eg. Floor plans
DeviceFiles or images that are attached to the device. Eg. Service manuals, technical specifications
SystemFiles or images that are attached to the system. Eg. Blueprints, diagrams
ClientFiles attached to the company. Eg. Contracts, meeting memos

Price offer (Composition)


Has the same format as task's Work Plan.
This allows to convert price offers into tasks and plan them as soon as the client accepts the offer.


  • At least a single billable row is required (Either of type 'PRODUCT' or 'SERVICE').
  • First 2 rows (of type 'Category' AND 'Property') are automatically generated with blank values
  • User must define the 'task category' for the portion of the price offer - this is used in analytics and for instant task creation.
  • Second row must always be of type 'Property' as price offer may cover more than a single property/device/system.
  • Optionally activities may be added to the price offer.

Row types

Category(Task) Category of the service offered. Used for task generation and analytics. Has additional settings to define the person responsible for performing the task
PropertyPrice offer may have multiple properties/devices/systems related to it, additionally allows to define the price offer on a more granular level. Eg. Building nr 1 -> Device nr 1 and Device nr 2
ActivityIf has sub activities then treated as a group, otherwise is a checklist item with a mandatory selection of either 'Completed' or 'Can't complete' when performing the task
ProductAdds a billable row of type 'PRODUCT' to the price offer
ServiceAdds a billable row of type 'SERVICE' to the price offer


  • Predefined activity templates that may be re-used to quickly generate the price offer.

Preview and sharing

  • Every price offer has unique public URL that may be shared with the client.
  • Share the URL via email or another communication channel.
  • Client is presented with an option to either 'Accept' or 'Decline' the price offer.