OpenIssue has been received by the system but no human action has been taken
AcceptedIssue was accepted by creating one or multpiple tasks
RejectedIssue was rejected
CompletedAll of the related tasks have been completed (Task status either DONE or CLOSED) and issue was automatically marked as completed
ClosedIssue was manually closed by the user, client is notified as if all the related tasks were completed. All tasks in open status are marked as CANCELED

Reporting an issue

To report an issue the client needs to specify the asset (Property, Device, System), select the issue type and add a description and optionally upload the relevant files.

PropertyProperty, device or a system that the issue is related to
TypeClassifier for issues, used to forward the issue to desired assignee
DescriptionDescription of the issue in the textual format
FilesFiles assosciated with the issue that the issue reporter desires to attach

Client portal

Email / Password (Log In)

Clients may log in into Saago either by:

  • Partner organization that has shared assets with your organization
  • User with limited permission ('CAN_USE_CLIENT_WORKFLOW' is toggled)

QR / Email

Clients may scan the QR code to open the email client on their device with prefilled recipient and topic.
Every asset has their own dedicated email address such as (
Alternatively the email address may be used directly. Eg. Forward emails from your own mailserver directly to Saago.

Online issue form

Accessible by QR code or directly by sharing the URL. Issue form is linked with a specific 'Widget' user and is only permitted to interact with the properties that this user is linked with.


Embeddable script that can be placed directly into your website code and styled to match your branding.


Saago can be integrated with sensors or 3rd party software via the REST API.

Receiving an issue

Upon receival the issue is in 'Open' status and forwarded to assignee based on related users of the property and issue type.

AssigneePerson that is responsible for this issue
Notification emailEmail used to notify client of issue progress
TagsIssue recipient may choose to add informative tags to issues for further analytics

Create a task

Creates a task for this issue with preconfigured settings.